Matt is a former Cow Chop employee who worked as an editor, cameraman and occasional on screen personality.


Matt first appeared in CRUMBS & WHISKERS CAT CAFE • CCTV #20 at 44:20. He went to university with Brett in Colorado, before working with Machinima. Matt and Brett have known each other since at least 2005 and lived together for a period of time before Cow Chop.

He rarely made appearances in videos on screen but is known to have done a lot of camerawork and behinds the scenes work. Matt primarily appeared in BTS videos but would occasionally appear in other videos, such as the cooking show.

Leaving Cow Chop

On November 2nd, 2019, Matt posted a lengthy article on a Cow Chop fan page on Facebook that he had left. Citing that he was upset about his lack of on-screen appearances and feeling like he wasn't being properly credited with a name card for his appearances. It was later stated by Brett that he had been having a toxic attitude and being clearly upset about working there, so Brett had asked him if he wanted to leave, to which Matt had decided to. Matt has seemingly left on negative terms with the group, with his Facebook post showing clear resentment towards the group. For a fuller summary of the events read this.


  • Matt worked on a show called “Mixtape” which failed, producing only a pilot.
  • He was one of the 2 main people in the SkateChop skit, alongside Garrett.
  • He has been skateboarding for a long time.
  • Matt started working at Cow Chop on November 2nd, 2017 until November 2nd, 2019, exactly two years after he began his job.
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