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Joe is a former editor and recurring cast member for Cow Chop. He previously worked for The Creatures, having been in charge of both running their social media accounts and editing their videos.


Joe went to the same high school as James as well as in the same grade. In the Cow Chop Q&A Livestream James said that he got Joe his job with the Creatures, and Joe moved to Colorado to work with him. James also stated that if he left the group, Joe would too.

Leaving Cow Chop

On November 16th of 2017, Joe announced on Instagram as well as Twitter that he was leaving Cow Chop to finish his college degree in Colorado.

Joe received a "farewell" during the video of THE MINI TAKER VS BANANA MAN WWE 2k18 Tournament Video, and also an official one in WRESTLING PRACTICE • Behind The Cow Chop

On May 4th, 2018, Joe's wife, Bri Marie , announced that she was pregnant, and on Dec. 18, their baby James was born.


  • Joe was well known for wearing a chicken mask, but one of his first appearances on camera was during a Creature livestream, where he was wearing an alien mask.
  • For reasons unknown, he chose not to show his face while on camera until he did a face reveal at the Creatures' 2015 RTX panel.
  • According to James in the Cow Chop Q&A livestream, Joe sucks at any game he plays.
  • He previously went by the nickname of "Intern Joe" during his time as a Creature.
  • Joe used to manage the Creatures' social media accounts, as well as edit videos for their main channel.
  • Joe is left handed.
  • Joe is Italian.
  • Joe is Jewish.
  • Joe is a big fan of Star Wars™
  • Joe had been growing his hair for more than two years, before having to shave his head after failing The Rock diet challenge.
  • A fan at the first Cow Chop Panel at RTX 2016 asked how tall he is. Joe replied, "4,7". This is either a sarcastic/comedic reply or an actual response implying that he really is short (However right after this conversation, James replied that he is too short in which their VR Equipment doesn't work with him due to his height).
  • However during the First Cow Chop Reddit AMA Questionnaire, Joe confirmed his height actually being "4,8".
  • According to James when he and Aleks were both watching a vlog-type video of students during HOSTILE DONALD TRUMP RIOT • WRONG SIDE OF YOUTUBE, he mentioned that Joe used to create vlogs similar to this style when they were in school before. 
  • The worst thing Joe has ever done is piss in the freezer of the retirement home he worked at immediately after quitting the job. #CTTV 11
  • Joe "assumingly" proposed to his girlfriend, Bri Marie , on August 18th. This is based on his Instagram post depicting a figure on one knee with a ring.
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