Jakob "alsojakob" is a current Cow Chop employee and former recurring cast member. He has appeared in many Cow Chop videos without a formal introduction (In the same style as Anna and Asher).


Jakob was first introduced on the Cow Chop channel in the middle of May 2017 through multiple different videos after the group had settled during their move to Los Angeles. He also appeared on James' channel long before the move. Jakob was James' editor for his own personal channel and was introduced to him through Trevor. For a good part of 2018 Jakob appeared in content before deciding to take a back seat, he now is mainly behind the camera.


  • Jakob has a Twitch channel which he streams on.
  • Trevor once threw a piece of pizza in lunch and that's when they started talking to one another.
  • His favorite musician is Toby Keith.
  • He is 6 feet 4 inches tall.
  • He is from Canada.
  • He has traveled to more than 20 countries.
  • He is very good at rollerblading because he is pidgeon toed.
  • He is referred to as a "Palm Tree" through Cow Chop memes and references.
  • He has Tinnitus in his right ear.
  • It typically takes him one day to edit a gaming video and two days to edit a show.
  • He is into Boxing and MMA.
  • His favorite album made in 2017 was Scum Fuck Flower Boy by Tyler, the Creator.
  • His favorite Twitch streamers are Tyler1 and GreekGodx due to their dynamic.
  • He doesn't watch that much YouTube since most of the content there is "typically uninspired and stale".
  • His favorite show on Netflix is Ozark.
  • He is of Jewish and Jamaican descent.
  • He has a weird laugh