"This is my first week."
- Jacob, as he helps put out a fire in the office.

Jacob "luckygitane" Gitane was a more "secretive" employee of Cow Chop. He briefly appeared in videos, but his name wasn't known to the public until Cow Chop TV episode 13.


Jacob first appeared in SALT SHOTGUN AND FIRE SURPRISES • AMAZON PRIME TIME. He was most likely a college student getting internship credits, as Trevor jokingly threatened to not give him his credits if he didn't participate in a BTS video.

Leaving Cow Chop

On September 13, 2017, it was announced on Twitter that it was Jacob's last day at Cow Chop.

Post-Jacob's Departure to Cow Chop, Brett referenced him in the Patreon.avi video referring to Jacob as the intern who would open the gate to the LA Office. Jacob also did help with the KEYBOARD MEMORIAL VIGIL • Behind The Cow Chop video, which was recorded after his departure.


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