Dinkilinkulus is a character played by Trevor, he's a disabled circus clown who made his debut and only appearance in STEVEN SUPTIC VS THE MOUSE TRAP BOUNCE CASTLE.


Dinkilinkulus first appears along with the Circus Owner, he sprays Steven Suptic with string while the Circus Owner introduces him to Steven. While in the Bouncy Castle, Dinkilinkulus gives Steven a balloon, at the same time Steven realizes he has a blind fold with him and lets go of the balloon. This enrages Dinkilinkulus prompting him to scream "No" and chase after the balloon, but he is unable to retrieve it. Dinkilinkulus then tazes Steven and his cameraman while Steven is getting out of the Bouncy Castle.

Once Steven gets his prize he starts running away and Dinkilinkulus attempts to chase him in his wheelchair but is stopped by the Circus Owner, who says that they would get sued if he chases Steven. Dinkilinkulus stays in place and screams at Steven to come back and that he had wasted his balloons. Steven eventually comes back and goes back into the Bouncy Castle just to have fun. While Steven is entering it Dinkilinkulus comes up behind him and hits him with a emoji plushie. The Circus Owner then takes Dinkilinkulus away and pushes him into a table, making him fall to the ground from his wheelchair. Dinkilinkulus then starts screaming but is quickly shut up by a Spanish man, who holds him on chokehold until he stops screaming and possibly faints.