In Episode 12 of Dark Souls, Aleks refers to what he's saying as a "Cow Thought". This page will be for quotes or interesting stories that anyone can list, and the video and time stamp they are from. They typically happen during gameplay videos.

Cow Thoughts

You can click the link to go to the exact point in the video it comes up

Celebrity Tetanus - 3:58 RUSTY TEAMWORK

James and Aleks wonder if anyone famous has ever died of tetanus.

Cloud Game - 3:09 CLOUD VIDEO GAME

James reminisces about his idea for a Cloud Video Game.

Grocery Punching - 5:55 GROCERY PUNCHING

James tells the time about how he was punched at a grocery store.

Self Checkout Wait - 7:47 GROCERY PUNCHING

James talks about when he was made to wait in a checkout aisle instead of going through self checkout.