The Cow Chop House was the second filming location (The Creatures office being the first) where the group used to record their gameplay footage and film their shenanigans, and do all of their editing (Until they were evicted from the premises). First seen in the video "MOVING OUT", in which Aleks inspects the house, and is later told by James to buy it. The majority of the video depicts the wild antics of the Cow Chop Crew moving their furniture out of the Creature Office, and into the house. The company was headquartered at the house in Littleton, Colorado.


During the week leading up the the 5th of February in 2017, Cow Chop released GETTING KICKED OUT revealing that a viewer of their content "snitched" out to the Property Managers (Not the Landlord) who owned the house, saying that Cow Chop was causing massive property damage. This then lead to them being forced to leave prior to the entire Cow Chop move to Los Angeles.

In the Behind the Cow Chop episode of ORLANDO BLOOM'S PENIS, their P.O. Box was revealed due to them wanting fans to send them stuff.

According to James, his plan for 2017 was for Cow Chop to move to Los Angeles, California due to them having more contacts there and being a better location for the YouTube Group. This plan was setback due to them forced to leave the Cow Chop House earlier than anticipated.

Escape To LA

Capture ESCAPE TO LA-0

In early 2017, Cow Chop officially announced on their YouTube Channel about their move to Los Angeles, California (Mainly since the Cow Chop House did not allow room for expansion). In order to achieve this goal, the fan-funding was apart of the Rooster Teeth Membership program "FIRST". With enough money reached, Cow Chop would move to LA

Geoff Ramsey, one of the main founders at Rooster Teeth and Head at Achievement Hunter, jokingly stated that he's "Never coming back to Colorado" and that the guys at Cow Chop should "Move Out" (Referencing of their Departure from Littleton, Colorado and how they are moving to Los Angeles, California).


Capture 1

Anna shown packing up the recording area.

During the GETTING KICKED OUT video, James revealed that during the week leading up the video, they were forced to leave the Cow Chop House due to being "snitched" out. A viewer sent evident Cow Chop footage of them destroying the house to the Property Managers. The specific video in question is their MILITARY GRADE STINK BOMB video, in which Brett breaks down their bathroom door. James responded to those claims by showing that they "replaced the doors" that damage had been inflicted upon. That however did not prevent the guys at Cow Chop from being forced to leave (As James stated, "They weren't having any of that sh*t").

Capture 2-0

Goodbye Cow Chop House.

Cow Chop had to remove all of their belongings from the house in the time period of Friday to Sunday showing that they really were forced into leaving the place. This was supposed to be an "off-weekend" for everyone working at Cow Chop. It was also revealed that it was PAX Weekend showing that they could have gone if they weren't snitched out of leaving that house.


James posting a selfie of himself during the last moments of the house.

They still damaged the house even more during their departure by removing their soundproofing, showing that the adhesive managed to attach to the wall permanently.

During the FINAL DAY of moving, James in the GETTING KICKED OUT Behind the Cow Chop video, made some last emotional comments about them being forced to leave the property. Joe also purposely told the movers that he wanted them to leave the Cow Chop Couch as the last piece of furniture for them to pick up. This was in order for Joe to record the final endearing moments of their last time in the house (James however responded to that by laughing).

Capture 4 TEARS eh

Joe and James tearing up as the see the Cow Chop Couch being the last piece of furniture to leave the House.

As James finally concluded, "Thank you guys for.. for coming on this house journey.. for less than a year... it's all over... What a cunt that person was man... What a cunt... I give everyone permission in the comments to say cunt. At least once... *Clear throat*... BYE!"


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    Front view of the house seen in a Behind the Cow Chop-video.

    Before the initial purchase of the Cow Chop house, Brett mentioned that they were originally looking into different locations such as an (abandoned church and a warehouse for videos). Aleks said in the beginning of the MOVING OUT video that they were going to avoid disclosing their location due to the concern of being swatted. Their addressed was later revealed due to viewers of Cow Chop Content wanting to send them fanmail.


"Well this is the place, probably not going to show you assholes where this is. Cause last time we did that, we got swatted." - Aleks, MOVING OUT

"Ha ha ha.. What the f*ck is going wrong with this house? What the f*ck is wrong with this place?"


"Man you know what's funny? Like you come up here... and I can like... I can like SMELL like lunch. It's smells like.. it smells like we just got lunch."


"It's sad man, it's sad. Hasn't even... Hasn't even been a year and now we gotta watch the Couch just... go. It's like uh, can't even call this a fresh start. This is like uh.. It's like a, It's like a forced fresh start. It's not fair..."


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