"A piñata."
- Adri as she’s asked by Alec on what to get at Party City for the Area 51 Raid.

Adri “HelloNeptune” was a final Cow Chop employee, she worked as a camerawoman for the channel well as OffCanny. She joined the channel in the summer of 2019.


Adri started her internship in the summer of 2019, she had previously appeared in a few streams as well as OffCanny videos as a camerawoman, along with Garrett. Adri is also a Twitch streamer under the name of HelloNeptune.

She‘s mainly a behind the scenes person occasionally having screen time, one of her more prominent appearances was in the Area 51 Preparation/Final Merch Drop BTS. A video where she almost gets tazed and gose with Alec and Garrett to Party City.

Brett announced in November of 2019 on Reddit that they officially hired Adri and she would no longer be an intern.


  • As stated previously, Adri is a camerawoman for OffCanny along with Garrett.
  • She was in the smoke bomb filled car with Alec and Jakob, which subsequently got on fire in “we bought a car”.
  • She sometimes streams on her Twitch channel.


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