Abby is a former Cow Chop intern. She was a camerawoman, assistant, Memelord, Master of Ceremonies and possibly an editor.


She was mainly seen in the background of videos but made her first appearance in SPICE GAUNTLET TWO where Brett shouts her out for putting a lot of hot sauce in the chips, also inducing reactions from Aleks. It wasn't until July 13th, 2018 when Abby finally got a full video which she appeared in a video titled MAFIA where Abbs had the task of guiding the game along during the nights. This was the first time she also had her Twitter plugged. She continued to appear in videos until her departure.

On May 31st, 2019 Abby returned to her role as Master Of Ceremonies to help host the final episode of the Spice Gauntlet Trilogy in the video titled, SPICE GAUNTLET THREE. In the opening round of Spice Gauntlet Three, Abby debuted her art piece "Death Part 2" [Pictured in the gallery].

Abby's title as Master of Ceremonies was knighted by Brett "HundarHundley in her introduction in Spice Gauntlet Three.

Leaving Cow Chop

On September 20th, 2018 in a “Food Lab and Test Kitchen” video it was revealed that it was Abby’s last scheduled appearance, as her internship ended.


  • According to Abby, on her first ever day working as an intern James asked her if she had slept with Trevor, since he seemed to be avoiding eye contact with her.


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